Crafting the sound of post-death experience

Where did this come from?

This is Altero, a somber but cute platform-puzzle. It’s on development by Sergio Schiavo, of Electronic Motion games. Sergio worked for EA, but  Altero is his current passion project, to be featured in this year’s Indiecade, with confirmed releases for Steam, Xbox One and Playstation 4. But here’s the interesting part: as many games in development, the game didn’t have a soundtrack.

You probably don’t know, but I’m a student of an online course named Game Audio Academy (first scholarship student there, by the way!). Well, Altero is one of the games that, due to a partnership, were used in an internal contest. The developer has access to lots of talented people willing to get a shot at the market, and the students get a chance to cut a proper deal , with a decent contract.
I really liked the artstyle, and how the core design is tied to the game’s theme, so I jumped in and tried my point of view in it.

What were you thinking?

I began looking at what the game is about: looked at the art, concepts of the game (death as part of a cycle and not the end), the feeling that the game is in between two worlds, and decided to let this ethereal feel guide me in the writing process. I didn’t want to go with an orchestral mindset, so I tried transforming my electric guitar in an ambient synth. I used lots of reverbs, delay and chorus, and the main goal here was getting as far as I could from what people understand as “guitar music”.

So, you lost?

Yeah! Unfortunately I’m not the chosen composer or sound designer for the contest, but believe it or not, this is not the main goal in these contests: they’re meant for understanding briefings from developers and practicing our skills. Of course, the end result goes to our portifolios as well (and also give me enough for writing articles such as this one).

So, the video above is just a part of my entry to the contest: you can also check all the sixty (!!) tracks wrote for this contest in the playlist below:

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