My favorite composers who happen to be women

It’s not hard to find great game composers who are women. Like most of the roles in the industry, the rate of men and women composers are not that balanced, but yet some of them made their name in videogame History. I’ll be talking briefly about two of them, and how they influence my style.

That’s a pretty big Castle, huh

The original Playstation is one of my favorite systems, many great games were made for this, and people had to make the  term “Metroidvania” for this one. Of course, I’m talking about Castlevania: Symphony of the Night and its soundtrack composed by MIchiru Yamane.

The songs are wonderful, they fit the game perfectly, and the coolest part is the soundtrack manages to keep a focus in the game theme, sounding like a huge gothic horror opus, but with lots of instrument changes for the many different areas of the two huge castles.

From my work, you can listen a little bit of this Michiru-vibe in this track I made for a platformer in the 365 indies gamejam of 2017.


Well, this one is my favorite track of all from Street fighter 2. First time I listened to it, I was going to an arcade with my mother(!), because she had to get my brother from there (probably it was the first day Street Fighter cabinet was on that place, and like everybody else, my brother wanted “just one more round”).

This is the kind of work I get to do more easily: exciting beats and melodies in your face, with a visceral feeling to it. I have an example of that in this song, which I made for a VR game in which you are inside a giant robot fighting an alien monster.

That’s just two of a huge list of talented women out there, but I believe from a personal point of view, these two are the most inspiring to me.





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